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Policies & Procedures

1. Sickness or Illness Policies & Procedures

1. This policy is in place to ensure any dog who becomes unwell at Tails of Tranquility are treated with love and care. It is also to help us to protect other dogs from illness and the spread of infection. Dogs should not be left at Tails of Tranquility if they are unwell.

  • If a dog becomes ill, the owner will be contacted and asked to collect their dog as soon as possible.
  • Should a dog have an infectious disease, such as Kennel Cough (the cold), an ear infection, or sickness and diarrhoea they should be kept at home.
  • Kennel Cough (Cold) – dogs must be clear for at least 7 days before returning to Tails
  • Sickness or diarrhoea – dogs must be clear for at least 48 hours.


2. It is vital that we follow the advice given to us by our registering authority (East Renfrewshire Council - Environmental Health Dept), and exclude specific contagious conditions, to protect other dogs attending Tails of Tranquility.


3. If a contagious infection is identified at Tails of Tranquility, all owners will be informed to enable them to spot the early signs of this illness.


4. It is important that sick dogs are not subjected to the rigours of the daycare day, which requires socialising with other dogs and being part of a group setting. When they have first become ill and require a course of antibiotics, our policy, therefore, is to exclude dogs on antibiotics for the first 48 hours of the course.


5. Tails of Tranquility has the right to refuse admission to a dog who is sick. This decision will be taken by the Manager on duty and is non-negotiable.



  • All dogs must be kept away from Tails of Tranquility for a minimum of 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. 
  • If a dog is sent home from Tails of Tranquility, the 48 hours exclusion still applies.



  • If a dog begins to show signs or symptoms that could pertain to illness, they will firstly be moved to a quiet area and comforted by one of the team. 
  • We will then make contact with the owner or emergency contact to come and collect them.


8. Should a dog’s symptoms deteriorate whilst waiting for their owner/ emergency contact, we will call our own vet CRAIGPARK Vet and arrange to take the dog down to them immediately. We will then inform the owner/ emergency contact to meet us at Craigpark Vets. First aid will be administered to the dog as necessary.

Craigpark Vet Surgery – 0141 881 9499


2. Undesirable Daycare Behaviours

At Tails of Tranquility we aim to ensure that every dog feels content and safe.

For that reason we cannot continue to care for any dog which shows signs of undesirable behaviour. If your dog begins to develop any of these behaviours we will discuss these with you immediately. If the behaviours can not be worked through then we will suggest alternative care options.


Undesirable behaviours include:

- any type of aggression towards the team or other dogs

- excessive barking (usually caused by stress or anxiety)

- excessive humping (usually caused by stress or over arousal)

- over arousal (group play can just be too much for some dogs)

- bullying behaviours

- compulsive behaviours -chewing, pacing, spinning, paw licking (these behaviours are often signs of stress)

- eating poo

- any signs of distress or anxiety


Sometimes dogs can exhibit behaviours within a group setting after time, that they do not show at home. These can be caused by stress or over-arousal from being in a group environment, and in that case we are no longer the right fit for your dog.


3. Payment Information


We require a minimum commitment of 1 day per week attendance at Tails of Tranquility.



We have now introduced a Retainer Fee of 20% of your Normal Day Rate to be paid when your dog is off on holiday.

Example 1

- Fido normally comes to Tails 1 day per week.

He is off for 1 week on holiday so you will now purchase a 1 Full Day Retainer Fee pack - £5.50


Example 2

- Fido normally comes to Tails of Tranquility 3 days per week you will purchase a 3 FULL DAY Retainer pack - £16.50


Example 3 

- Fido comes to Tails of Tranquility 1 half day a week, you would purchase a 1 HALF DAY RETAINER PACK ect


This charge keeps your dog's space and makes sure it will be available when you return from holiday. Places can only be held for 3 consecutive weeks.


* Please Note this charge will not apply

  • if your female dog is in season.
  • for 2 weeks while your dog recovers from neutering surgery
  • if your dog has a long term injury and needs to rest and recover.
  • during times when Tails is closed over Christmas, New Year & bank holidays



We ask that bookings be made, no later than 3pm on the Sunday before the new week, via our weekly booking page

This lets us assign the right numbers of staff to care for the dogs each day.

Cancellations and changes to booking can now be made here too.

If you need to make a last minute cancellation or swap a day you can send us a message on 07340 243 869.



  • Our opening hours are 7am till 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • We understand that sometimes accidents happen on the motorway and you may be held up. 
  • Please call us asap and let us know you are going to be late so we can arrange for one of our team to stay late with your dog.
  • If you are late on more than 2 occasions we will charge your account a LATE FEE.
  • If you arrive any time between 6pm and 6.15pm you will be charged a flat rate of £15. 
  • If you are later than 6.15pm you will also be charged £5 for every 5 minutes late you are

These fees are to cover the cost of having a team member staying late to care for your dog. 

These fees will be added to your account at the time and must be paid straight away.


4. Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance

Tails of Tranquility limits the amount of personal data we collect to the absolute minimum that is required for our service to operate. 

We will never collect data that we don’t need and we will never sell or pass on any personal data to 3rd parties.

When making an inquiry with us through our contact form, over the phone, via email or social media, you will provide us with access to personal details such as identity and contact details which will only be stored within the emails that you have sent us in our inbox or our social media platforms.

When you become a Client of Tails of Tranquility, we will require further personal information from you to be able to carry out our services. 

This includes your full identity and contact details and details about your dog. This personal data is used to set up and run the services we provide to you. 

It is stored and used within these systems:

1. Our online booking and account system is owned and operated by Kennel Booker. 

2. Quickbooks which is an accounting platform. We use this service to record payments and invoices.


We will only ever email you in this way to let you know about important changes or events that will affect you as a Client of Tails of Tranquility.

Tails of Tranquility will only ever have access to identity data, contact data, and data about your dog. 

We never have access to passwords or financial information. 

The personal data we do have, we limit access to Managers that need to have access to it to perform their business activities. 

We take security of personal data very seriously and all of our team members are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Due to the fact that Tails of Tranquility only collects necessary data, if you no longer want us to have access to this data or process it, we will not be able to continue to carry out day care services for you. This includes opting out of email communications from us, as there is often important or vital information within these emails that you are required to know and/ or acknowledge. 

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