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Daily Doggy Routines

Doggy Daycare​ & Puppy Creche Glasgow - Dog Day Care & Puppy Creche Glasgow


Just like humans, dogs like and need routine, and here at Tails of Tranquility we have daily schedules 

that keep us all on track throughout the day.


7 am till 9 am

Dogs are checked in,

their bits n bobs and lunches are stored

and they greet their playmates

in one of our  playgrounds. 

Morning Playtime

7am till 11am

Dogs are split up into their play groups and take part in

lots of exploring the field, play tennis, sniffing games,

'brain games' and group enrichment activities. 

We have bacon bubbles, a treasure hunt ball pit, a sandpit for diggers and paddling pools for when its hot!

Lunch Time

11.30am till 12pm

Everyone with mucky paws is showered off

and blow dried ready to settle for lunch. 

It’s important that everyone is calm and relaxed

before lunch to prevent bloat and upset tummies! 

Sleepy Time

12 till 1.30pm

Yes… nap time!

This is an important time as the dogs have had

a very active morning and need time to unwind and relax.

So it’s lights down and quiet music on

while each dog finds a cosy spot in a cosy bed

 or sofa for a siesta.

Afternoon Playtime

A less fast paced version of the morning activities

including lounging, tummy rubs,

ear scratches and cuddles,

sniffing about and gentle playing with furry friends.

We also spend more time working on group games like 'touch', 'sprinkles' and 'wait at the gate'.

Home Time

Close at 6pm

Each dog has an relaxing time before

their owner arrives.

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