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We only have spaces in our small dog play group. 

So if your dog is a cockapoo or smaller please pop your details below.

  • You can leave your details below and we will contact you if/when a space becomes available.
  • We are now only accepting SMALL dogs.
  • All males must be neutered at 6 months old.
  • Leave your details below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Your name*


Email Address*

Your dogs name*

Your dogs breed*

Your dogs birthday*

Is your dog*

Has your dog been spayed/ neutered? All males must be neutered by 6 months to attend daycare.*

Is your dog up to date with their vaccinations? We must recieve proof of vaccinations or Titler Test Certificate for every dog, every year.*

Has your dog socialised with other dogs before? This means have they played with other dogs at the park and been happy and comfortable doing so. *

Is your dog comfortable around other dogs? Please describe *

Is your dog comfortable meeting new people?

Has your dog been to day care before?*

Is your dog possessive over toys/ food/ objects or people?*

If you answered YES please tell us a bit more

Has your dog ever bitten anyone? (This does not include puppy play biting.) *

If you answered YES, please tell us a bit more

s your dog happy being handled? ( having their paws dried, being bathed/ showered, dried, touching their collar, lifting them up?) *

What day(s) are you wanting your dog to come to Tails?*

Are you looking for*

By submitting your email address you agree to be contacted by Tails of Tranquility  from when spaces become available,  receive Tails updates and doggy info. If you do not want to be contacted please do not submit your details here.

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