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Blonde fluffy dog


 Outdoor Doggy Daycare​ Glasgow 

Our countryside dog​gy day care in Glasgow is the best place to be a dog, 

and we pride ourselves on being the only outdoor doggy day care in Glasgow.


We have 1 acre of secure play areas for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. 

It is by far the best place for your dog to spend the day while you are busy at work, 

with a friendly, sociable atmosphere and lots for them to do. 


You can be completely guilt free knowing your dog is having lots of fun with their furry friends 

rather than sat at home alone.


​Drop dogs off to us as early as 7 am, we will care for them as one of our own, 

then you collect them happy and fulfilled at home time!


Call us now on 07340 243 869 to arrange a visit

What we offer​


Your dog will spend the day running around with their furry friends, chasing tennis balls, enjoying enrichment games, wrestling or napping in the shade or our cosy heated dog den!


Lunch Service

Everyday during sleepy time we spend time doing a mini health check on each dog. We check eyes, ears, paws and pads to make sure everything is as it should be. We give daily reports to customers on collection letting them know how their dog has been that day.

OAPs (Obediant Aging Paws!)

Older dogs can take naps in the dog den or enjoy sunbathing in peace and quiet away from the youngsters. They have plenty of space to potter about and enjoying sniffing and cuddles.

Some dogs burn off their breakfast really fast during a busy day here at Tails, so we offer lunch at 12. If this is something you want for your dog pop some of their kibble in a plastic container with their name written on it, and we'll add your pup to the lunch service!

Our Team

Our team are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the best care and having the most fun with the dogs every day.

We work on a ratio of 1 human to 6 dogs so every dog gets individual care and attention too!

Natural Playground

We have almost an acre of secure play areas so your dog can be off lead all day no matter how good (or bad!) their recall may be. Our facility is split into separate playgrounds to ensure there are never too many dogs in one space, with plenty of constant supervision, love and attention.

The Dog Dens

We have 2 beautiful heated buildings with cosy dog beds, wood burning stoves, and chilled music! The are also outdoor gazebos for shade in the summer the dogs can have a snooze when tired or race around to their heart's content . 


Because we only accept friendly, social dogs for at least one day per week, all of the dogs are familiar and friendly, and we know every single dog individually.

Private and enclosed

Our daycare is totally private and secure with CCTV at the entrance and playgrounds. We have 6 ft secure boundary fencing and operate a double gate system.

Warm Showers

In the middle of winter, a fun day at Tails of Tranquility generally means a muddy one! Lucky for you we have a heated shower so everyone gets a warm skoosh before they head home.

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