Will my dog be supervised at all times?

Yes! Your dog will be under constant supervision by our team of experienced doggy supervisors, and will NEVER be left unattended.

What if my dog doesn't get on with another dog?

Tails of Tranquility Doggy Day Care is extremely strict in only accepting social dogs. This ensures all of the dogs are happy in one another’s company, so it is unlikely your dog will not get on with another dog. In fact, the dogs usually form their own social groups with dogs who enjoy similar activities!

My dog isn't great with other dogs, 

can he still come along?

Unfortunately not. We understand that not all dogs love being around groups of other dogs, if yours doesn't- we aren't the right place for them. Our daycare is a friendly and sociable place for dogs to interact and play together, and if your dogs isn't going to enjoy that or shows any form of aggression or anxiousness, we wouldn't be able to accept them.

How dirty will my dog be at home time?

In our experience, a dirty dog is a happy dog- however we understand that this doesn't necessarily make you feel any better when your cream sofa turns brown... We always try our best to send dogs home as clean as possible. We have a heated shower at to wash dogs down (we only use water rather than shampoo which can damage fur with repeated use) if they get muddy. 

My male is entire, can he join the gang?

All males must be nutered when they reach 6 months. This is one of our licence and insurance requirements and is non- negotiable.

Because we are a free run, outdoor daycare, you must let us know if you think your dog is coming into season. They will need to stay home for about 4 weeks because they smell too good to all the boys and can cause a bit too much excitement! We will not be held responsible if any female becomes pregnant.

Do I need to book the same days each week?

No, but we do require a commitment of at LEAST 1 day per week. This is so important because it ensures every dog is familiar and comfortable with us, our daily routines and helps them form strong bonds with their furry friends. You can add or change days if you need to, using our WEEKLY BOOKING FORM. Please read our Policies & Procedures page for more information.

What will my dog or puppy do all day?

Every day here at Tails of Tranquility is fun filled, fully supervised and structured. Playtimes involve chasing, wrestling or tennis. Enrichment time is spent 1-2-1 working on training, puzzles or sniff-it-out games.

Have a look at our doggy day care Daily Routines page for more details on what your dog will spend each doing.

Are you licenced & Insured?

Yes! We are licenced by East Renfrewshire Council and receive annual visits by the environmental health team.

We are insured by Cliverton, for Commercial Dog Day Care. All certificates and reference numbers are available for you to see.


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