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Frozen treat blocks

These frozen treat blocks are ideal for hot days to keep your dog cool 

and a great enrichment activity too!

What you'll need

These are all things I had in the dog treat cupboard and fruit basket.

  • 1 x chopped apple (any dog safe fruit or veg would be great)
  • a selection of your dogs favourite treats 
  • a plastic container that will be ok in the freezer
  • water

Let get started!

  • pour water into a plastic container with a lid
  • add chopped carrot, apple or any of your dogs favourite fruit or veg
  • crush and sprinkle in a few tasty treats
  • add a small handful of their dry or wet food
  • mix up with a fork
  • freeze overnight
  • let your dog lick their way to coolness and calmness!

We love seeing your dogs enjoying our doggy-licious recipes, so send us your pics to or tag us on Instagram #tailsoftranquility

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