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Carrot & apple crunch

frozen dog treats

3 ingredient frozen dog treats that are really simple to make!

These frozen treats or pupsicles are so easy to make with fruit and veg we always have on hand at Tails HQ.

Since my own dogs were pups I have always given them apple and carrot as sweet, healthy treats.

Carrots are high in fiber and naturally high in beta- carotene which is produces vitamin A. Plus they are a crunch chew that helps clean their teeth.

Apples are packed full of vitamin C and A, a full of fiber, and are great low fat treat.

What you'll need

  • 1 carrot chopped up
  • 1 apple chopped up
  • small glass water
  • mini blender
  • ice cube tray or silicon mould

Ready, steady, go

  • Pop the carrots and apple into the blender
  • Whiz until smooth
  • Add a tiny bit of water and whiz again
  • Spoon the apple and carrot pulp/ juice into the tray or moulds
  • Pop into the freezer over night
  • Let your pups enjoy!!!!!

We love seeing your dogs enjoying our doggy-licious recipes, so send us your pics to or tag us on Instagram #Tailsoftranquility

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