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Berry Blast frozen dog treats

3 ingredient frozen dog treats

Red frozen dog treats

What you'll need

1 or 2 dog safe fruits (I chose black berries and banana)

100ml natural greek yoghurt

Mini blender or normal blender

Ice cube tray or silicon moulds

  • Pop the fruit into blender and whizz till it becomes a pulp
  • Add natural yoghurt and whizz until it smooth
  • Spoon mixture into ice cube trays or silicon moulds
  • Freeze overnight
  • Serve to your dog as a tasty treat or a topper with their meal!

Natural yoghurt has lots of benefits for our dogs - 

  • is is filled with essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium and is a source of protein
  • it is packed with probiotic cultures which help promote a healthy gut
  • helps boost their immune system

My pups LOVE these and I give them at least 1 a week as dessert in their dinner!

We love seeing your dogs enjoying our doggy-licious recipes, so send us your pics to or tag us on Instagram #Tailsoftranquility

2 dogs licking frozen dog treats on plate
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