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What you can expect from us

Large black labradore standing with tiny miniature dashchund puppy

What you can expect from us

We are a dedicated, loving team of humans with over 12 years experience caring for dogs.

Our number 1 priority is ensuring each dog in our care is happy, content and fulfilled each day with us. 

We know that every dog has different needs and we do everything we can to make sure they enjoy their time with us.

Have a look at our daily routines to see what we get up to each day and you can also look for us on Instagram or Facebook to see daily updates.


We are a large group play dog day care facility, where 3 groups of 10 - 15 dogs spend their days outside playing, learning and resting together. 

Your dog will be looked after by one of our team members (the Aunties), alongside the other dogs in their group.

We aim to become your dog's extended family, a place they love coming and people they look forward to cuddles and ear scratches from.

We only use positive reinforcement to encourage our dogs to make positive choices and they get rewarded with delicious treats. I don’t know about you, but I will always try harder for a chocolate button! Here at Tails we use delicious tasty dry food from Natural Cornish Pet,

We swap between these 3 options to keep things interesting, lamb & sweet potato, salmon & haddock, and venison & salmon. No chicken, grain or nasty fillers!



You can trust that we have your dog's best interests at heart, and if at any point we feel they are unhappy or struggling we will let you know. If at any time we feel your dog is not enjoying their time here we promise to let you know straight away.

It could be that they are finding the busy group environment too much and it's time to consider alternative care for them. It could be that being in the group is making them over excited, and that’s not a good mindset for a dog to be in either. So we will talk to you about that too.

Day care can be quite a lot for some dogs, it can be overwhelming or over stimulating. 

We conduct a very thorough suitability assessment during your dog's trial play with us, and continue this through every dog's time with us. This ensures we can spot any signs of anxiety or overwhelm straight away, and we can chat to you about alternative arrangements.

Please read testimonials from our current clients.


We are Dog 1st Aid trained and work closely with our local vet, Craig Park Veterinary Surgery, Barrhead. If we notice any changes in your dogs behaviour, toilets or any kind of injury, we will contact you or the emergency contact straight away. If we deem there to be an emergency we will contact you while we are taking your dog straight to the vet.


Opening times

We are open 7am till 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

We do close for Scottish bank/ public holidays and between Christmas and New Year. 

Please see our holidays page for all the dates.


Joining Tails

  1. We will contact you when a space becomes available and arrange a meet & greet. This is when we invite you and your dog come to visit us and we show you around and answer any of your questions. 
  2. Then we ask for your contact details and all your dogs information, including their current vaccinate certificate. We must hold a copy of your dog's current vaccination certificate, every year. The photo must show the date they were given, vaccines given and the batch numbers. These are requirements for our licence (ERC) and our insurance (Cliverton). We do accept Titler Test certificates. If you cannot provide us with these then unfortunately we cannot care for your dog.
  3. Next we book your dog in for a short playdate where your dog will be introduced to a small group of dogs, slowly and at their own pace. They will get to meet some of our human team and explore the playgrounds. This will be a 7.30am till 9.30am play.

    While your dog is meeting everyone we will be doing our suitability evaluation, where we run through a series of checks to see how comfortable he is being in a new place and meeting new furry and human friends. This is so important to us because it means we can spot any signs of stress or anxiety your dog may have, plus we can make sure they will settle well with our crew. Some dogs absolutely love daycare, but for others it can be overwhelming, or even stressful.


    *If your dog doesn’t enjoy or doesn't seem suitable for our environment, we will talk this through with you straight away. This is no way a reflection on you or your dog's temperament. Just like humans, some of us prefer a quiet get together with a small group of friends and others like to go to gigs or clubbing - our dogs are just the same!, where they get a chance to meet a few friends and explore while we do a suitability assessment to see how comfortable your dog is at Tails. 
  4. If they seem happy, content and a good fit for Tails we will invite you to join the Tails crew!



We use a booking system called Kennel Booker where all new and existing clients log in and book the plays they want for the week or month ahead. This is a pay as you book system. Once your dog has been for their trial day we will send you a link to start booking online.

We require a commitment of at least 1 play per week. If for any reason you need to cancel a play one week, you will be charged a small retainer fee to keep your dogs place.


At the moment we do NOT offer

  • Dog walking
  • Home Boarding
  • Dog Training
  •  121 care for dogs, as we are a group dog facility. If that’s something you are looking for, then a much smaller daycare or dog sitter would probably be more suitable.



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