Tranquil Training Programme

Separation anxiety desensitisation training and support​

Did you get a puppy during lockdown?

• Do they follow you everywhere?

• Have you not even started to leave them alone yet because you don’t know what to do?

• Are you now worrying about who is going to care for your dog when you have to go back to work or leave them alone for any period of time?

You are not alone, and we can help

The Covid Pandemic has created changes in our lives we could never have imagined. 

Being at home, unable to see family and friends and restricted to where we could go, has taken a lot of getting used to.

It makes total sense that you felt this was the perfect time to get a puppy.

You were at home all the time, needed a distraction and the wanted companionship we know dogs can bring.

Then you brought home a delightful bundle of joy and have been bonding and enjoying life together, in a blissful bubble.

But now things are changing again. Things are opening again, you are now being able to go out, socialise and maybe even go back into work.

And now you are faced with the fall out of having a young dog who has isolation distress (they become distressed when you leave them)

or separation anxiety (they become extremely anxious when they cannot be with you).

It's not just you, we are meeting hundreds of owners going through the same things as you. 

Our pandemic puppies are struggling, and it's not your fault or theirs.

Dogs go through various crucial developmental stages in the first 6 months of their lives. During these times pups must be exposed to all positive experiences with people, sounds, sights, textures, objects and environments. There are specific windows of time where our pups must experience these things. 

If our pups don't get the chance to be exposed to these, the opportunity for confidence building and learning is lost which creates fearful pups then dogs, who struggle with new of different experiences or environments.

That is why we have teamed up with Kimberly Freeman, an experienced dog behaviorist t​o create our Tranquil Training  programme,

a unique course giving you and your dog separation/ isolation anxiety training and support.

Is our Tranquil Training  programme for you and your dog?

  • Did your puppy join your family during lockdown (1.5 years or younger)?
  • Is your puppy showing signs of distress/ anxiety when you leave them alone or try to leave the house?
  • Do you need help and support to teach your dog how to be content on their own and prepare them for daycare?
  • Do you live in Glasgow or surrounding area?

If you answered YES then Tails Tranquil Training  programme is for you.

Our programme is a combination of online separation training with Kimberly Freeman, teaching you how to build your dog up to being happy on their own

AND stay & play sessions at Tails of Tranquilty HQ where we will build up to your dog being comfortable enough to be left here.

What is Tails Tranquil Training  programme?

  • Group desensitisation training online via Zoom and at stay & play sessions at Tails HQ

    • Small groups of 4 humans and dogs - to give you personalised training and support plans

    • 4 Weekly zoom sessions with Kimberly our behaviorist building your dog up slowly to being happy being alone

    • 6 weekly sessions coming to Tails - building positive associations being at Tails, meeting new people, being in a new environment and building up to stay at Tails without you.

Value for money

This 6 week programme includes 

  • Small intimate group training online and in real life
  • 6 stay & play visits to Tails of Tranquility - where we will focus on building your dog's confidence being in a new environment and meeting new people.
  • 4 sessions with Kimberly Freeman - a member of the  Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), with over 17 years experience,  learning how to build your dog up slowly to becoming happy when alone.
  • All for £220