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Puppy Day Care


Puppy Day Care - Puppy Creche Glasgow

During this unusual time, puppies are missing out on vital socialisation and confidence-building opportunities. Tails of Tranquility have tailored a programme specifically for your pup if they have joined your family just before or during lockdown. They can come to us for the day to play, learn and explore with our constant supervision, care and attention.

Lockdown has affected us humans in many ways and the same goes for our dogs and young pups.

Normally puppies would continue vital parts of their socialisation as soon as they joined their new families. Meeting new humans, dogs, travelling in the car to new places and being around the hustle and bustle of 'normal' life would help expose them to all sorts of new experiences, scents and sounds. 

These new experiences and how a puppy's new family support them, help build their confidence and form positive associations, which then aids their ability to deal with new situations throughout their lives.

Your pup gets to do all this at Tails of Tranquility Puppy Daycare

​- Meet new humans, puppies and older dogs

- Spend time away from their new pawrents
- Explore and play outside, off lead in our secure natural playgrounds

- Enjoy lots of breaks and sleepy time cuddles

-Get used to the hoover, bikes, prams and other new objects

- Exposure to different, new sounds to help build confidence

- Meet the sheep and cows in our neighbouring fields

- Enjoy scent and treasure hunt games, learn new enrichment activities with puzzles and games

- Paddle in the pools and explore different surfaces

Starting out

We enroll puppies once they are fully vaccinated.

(That's usually about 11 or 12 weeks old.) 

We only enrol social and regular dogs so we can be sure we sure your puppy is with like minded and familiar friends.

Puppy development

Development & education are extremely important to all new dog owners. All puppies have individual physical and cognitive needs & we work closely with you to carry on their training when they are with us.

Positive reinforcement

At Tails of Tranquility we reward all good behavior with  praise and attention! This makes your puppy more inclined to repeat these good behaviors to ensure they get more of those lovely rewards. Positive reinforcement has been proven to be the most effective method of training and is definitely the kindest way, so why would we use anything else?

The Dog Den

We offer the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. Comfy beds, peace and quiet of the indoor areas give your puppy the chance to sleep and rest. There are crates that we use to feed the puppies their lunch. This also serves as a valuable training tool, the best-behaved puppy gets fed first. Very quickly the cheekiest, greediest puppies learn to sit and wait respectfully, eager to please!

Puppy buddies

The crew acts as a natural extension of a litter and allows your puppy to socialise and interact with other puppies, whilst learning from the older, well behaved dogs. Since we only accept social dogs and supervise them constantly, your puppy will never be at risk of getting hurt or be a victim of rough play or bullying.

Nap time

We have nap time just after lunch from 12.30 - 1.30 pm. At Tails of Tranquility we want to teach pups as quickly as possible that it is ok to have a sleep when they are tired. We teach them when they should be having that all-important nap and ensure that they learn to sleep with all our other dogs as soon as possible!


Routine is the key to making happy dogs at Tails of Tranquility. Our days follow the same routine of play times, sleep times and eat times so no matter what day they come on, they will know the routine and settle down as quickly as our older dogs.

Private & secure

Our daycare is totally private and secure so all pups are free to safely explore each of the playgroups. We are set in a rural location so we  have CCTV at the entrance and in all playgroups.

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