About Us

Tails of Tranquility was born through our love of dogs and a desire to help dog owners.

Our purpose is to ensure each dog in our care is safe, has great fun and and goes home fulfilled and content.

We strive to be the best and most trusted outdoor doggy and puppy daycare in Glasgow.


Owner/ Partner


Owner/ Partner


Ball-istic Expert



How it all began

I cried the night I became a dog Mum. 

I had never felt a love like this before.

 I knew having this little ball of fur would change my life, but I had no idea how much. 

In 2002 I graduated from Glasgow School of Art and set up my own design business. I loved my work but being on my own all the time began to take its toll. 

Pablo came into our lives in 2007. A cheeky, wild Border Terrier who forced me out of my comfort zone to meet every dog and human we passed.

18 months later we got Flame, Pablo's biological sister who slotted straight into our family. 

Flame is quieter, much more cuddly and way smarter than Pablo. The two of them remembered each other as pups and their bond is still that strong. 

Over the next few years I began walking and looking after friends and neighbours dogs while they were at work or on holiday.  

Pablo loved the company and I felt great helping out friends, giving them a tired and contented dog home at night.

In 2010 we heard of a beautiful  Staffy called Bailey looking for a new home. 

As soon as we saw his big brown eyes and heard his storywe hoped that he could join our furry family. 

Before he came to us Bailey spent time with a wonderful dog foster Mum, Vicky, who ran a dog home boarding business in Bourne. 

At this time dog care businesses that weren't kennels were a very new idea in the UK.

I took this as a sign, did lots of research and ran the idea past Stuart.

He thought I was off my head.

On April 11th 2010 Tails of Tranquility was born.

Stuart left his job and together we made the best decision of our lives!

Pablo and Flame our cheeky border terriers!

Bailey our big softy and Daisy our tiny pocket rocket!