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 Tails of Tranqulity. We offer dog day care in Newton Mearns, Glasgow. Doggy daycare for dogs and puppies.
The care and commitment given by Stuart and Laura and the others in the team is second to none. I hand Daisy over and never give another thought to her welfare as I know she is looked after like a part of the family. She loves going to Tails of Tranquility and I love when she gets home and is one tired contented dog. So, thank you Tails of Tranquility for doing such a wonderful job x

When I tell Dylan that he's going to see his friends at Tails of Tranquillity, he gets really excited, leaping up and following me around the house until we go in the car, and when we arrive, he races to the door and waits impatiently until he's allowed in to play. I know that he's in great hands – Laura, Stuart and the rest of the team are so kind and caring towards all the dogs they look after, and know the individual quirks and preferences of each one. Dylan is treated like one of the family when he stays and he has such fun with the other dogs, he is happily exhausted when we get him home in the evening! I can't recommend Tails of Tranquillity highly enough! There's wonderful outside place for games and play, relaxing spaces indoors and every dog is treated with kindness and care. I know by the way Dylan acts that he's safe and cared-for, that he enjoys his daycare time, and it feels good to know that he's having fun when I have to go work!

 Tails of Tranqulity. We offer dog day care in Newton Mearns, Glasgow. Doggy daycare for dogs and puppies.

"Tails of Tranquility is the Waldorf Astoria for dogs! X" Spike's Mum

 Tails of Tranqulity. We offer dog day care in Newton Mearns, Glasgow. Doggy daycare for dogs and puppies.
"Collected Bob today after his holidays with Stuart and Laura. A wonderful, considerate couple who put Bob's care and happiness first. I missed Bob like crazy and couldn't wait to find a wifi spot to be able to see the updates and photos Laura put on FB. Would highly recommend Tails of Tranquility for home boarding."

"This was Bob's third year with Stuart and Laura. I picked him up today and I could clearly see how happy and content he'd been. He is now lying zonked out on the couch, probably dreaming about his holiday fun. Thank you x"

Daisy has been going to Tails for nearly six years now. She goes two days a week for day care and for boarding when we are on holiday. She loves her time at Tails and Stuart, Laura and the team really look after her. It really gives Linda and I peace of mind to know how much fun she's having when we're away.

Laura and Stuart are fantastic. Brodie went there as a puppy with elbow problems. They cared for him and adjusted his exercise appropriately. They truly love dogs and their owners, very willing to help, care and entertain dogs and also their owners. X

Alfie has been going to stay with his auntie laura and uncle stu for over three years and Rosa just a few months . They go for day care and boarding and have a fabulous time . Laura stu and their helpers are wonderful and are totally focussed on making the dogs in their care feel happy content and of course loved . I can leave my fur babies at Tails and never worry about them as they are in their home from home . You will never find a better day care / home boarding anywhere better than Tails of tranquility

Laura and Stuart looked after our beloved boxer since he was 4 months old. The were amazing with Hugo, we were extremely comfortable leaving our precious boy in their care. In fact during our first year as new parents to Hugo I remember telling L & S that they were the best thing that had happened to us that year, they taught us so much and took away any of our stresses or concerns. Very capable, very accommodating, very knowledgeable. And just nice people. Xxxx

Great doggy day care. 
Very accommodating when you need care at short notice.

Stan just loves going to see Stuart, Laura and all the Tuesday gang. He runs in the door ready for lots of fun. As for his mummy and daddy we are content and happy to know our boy is is great hands.

Harley has been at day care for over 2 years now, it's his second home. Everyday I let him out the car, without a lead and he runs straight to the front door. This is when I know my dog is happy and well loved by the team at Tails of Tranquility. Both myself and Harley thank you x

Mitch has been visiting Laura and Stuart a couple of days a week for a few months now, and he loves his visits so much. He starts bouncing about on the way there, and based on the photos and videos posted on Facebook, he bounces about with his friends all day long, until he gets home when he collapses in a bundle, a very tired but happy boy! Laura and Stuart are brilliant with Mitch and his quirky ways. I drop Mitch off in the morning knowing that he'll be well looked after and will have the best time with his friends.

Our 2 Mini Schnauzers have been with Tails of Tranquility for over 6 years now, first for dog walking and then as boarders during holiday periods. The holidays are for both us and the dogs! They have a ball at Tails and we love seeing the photos and videos of them having a good time. Wanda developed diabetes about 18 months ago and was very ill last year, however Stuart and Laura took on her care in their stride and they are actually the only other people we trust to look after her when we are on holiday. Big thanks again for everything you have done for both the girls over the years.

Laura and Stuart have been invaluable for my boy Milo. He's a quirky dog who has his own wee ways and all the gang at ToT have been excellent in accommodating him and his needs. I can't imagine leaving my lad anywhere but with Laura and Stu and I know he is in the best possible hands while he is there at his home from home!

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