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Puppy Creche

Tails of Tranquility, Home from home dog boarding and doggy day careOur puppy creche service offers great socialisation for puppies from 2 weeks after their first vaccinations. While puppy classes have their place, coming to Tails of Tranquility allows pups and young dogs to learn good doggy manners from a group of well balanced dogs.

We work on a buddy system here which means each puppy gets matched up with a wise older dog who they get to spend quiet time with learning how to behave around dogs and they get a play buddy too. This can be a young or older dog who can play with then in a safe yet fun way. This teaches your puppy how to have fun with other dogs without going too crazy.

Puppies in our creche are able to build confidence in a safe and fun environment. We make sure that each pup has a chance to sleep through out the day as they will use up so much energy learning and playing.

We work closely with puppy owners to carry on their training when they are with us which helps with continuity and consistency.

We serve lunch here at 12 so we are happy to cater for all your pup's food needs too!

Please note, we can only accept un-neutered dogs up to the age of 6 months. After which, we require them to be neutered to continue coming for daycare. Over the years, we have found that at the age of 6 months dogs instinctively want to start marking their territory here, and play then can become a little too rough. We do not mean that this is something you have to do, but to hold their place here with us it is mandatory.

We cannot accept bitches in or due to be in season for 
dog day care or home boarding.

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